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Flying with children

Chartering a jet for your family holiday

When it comes to travelling with children, the convenience and privacy of private jet travel really comes into its own.

Luxury travel isn’t always synonymous with travelling with children, yet with a private jet charter it’s perfectly possible to have a hassle-free travel experience and keep the children happy at the same time.


A private jet charter for your next family holiday allows you the freedom to travel on your own schedule – you can dictate the departure times to fit around school timetables, nap times or adjust to a new time-zone with ease.

Most private flights depart from smaller airports, opening up a wide choice of departure points closer to your home and avoiding the congested major UK airports. You’ll find it easier to park too and in many places you’ll be able to pull up right outside the private terminal or aircraft. It works the same way for your destination too – using smaller airports means you can arrive closer to your final destination and avoid tedious transfers on the ground.

We can also assist with onward travel to your destination by helicopter, sea-plane or limousine.

Choosing the right aircraft

As an aircraft charter broker, we can source a suitable aircraft from a global network of trusted operators, ensuring that you will travel on a plane that perfectly suits your needs and budget, without compromising on quality.

On-board features on a private jet can also help children to settle into the flight quickly; older children will appreciate technology like inflight Wi-Fi and younger ones can rest on a jet equipped with a sofa (or bed for long-haul flights) to avoid over-tiredness and ensure they arrive well rested.

Your child’s furry friends can join them in the cabin too – as long as your pet’s documents and vaccinations are up to date, we can organise for them to travel on the flight.

For the curious child, there might also be the opportunity to take a look round the flight deck!

Choosing the right airport

Travelling from a private terminal means you can avoid long queues and a lengthy check in process too (security queues at major airports are a particular pain point for most parents) – we recommend arriving 30 minutes before your flight departs, but it’s possible to cut this down to 15 minutes.

The time saved by flying on a chartered aircraft can sometimes add up to an extra day of vacation time at your destination.

Travelling nannies

“Hiring a good travelling nanny is essential to a stress free holiday with children” says Nicola Rushmere, a Private Household Consultant at SORTED Personal Management. “Travelling with small children can be challenging, whether flying privately or on commercial flights, so an extra pair of hands is always useful – an on hand entertainer is always a bonus!”

“From organising the packing and keeping your children entertained with activities on the flight, to taking them off on adventures so you can relax by the pool, a travelling nanny gives you the ultimate flexibility. Our experienced nannies and mannies (male nannies) are as at home on the slopes as they are on the beach – nothing fazes them!”

Reducing the cost

When travelling in a group, a private jet charter can provide a viable and cost-effective alternative to peak season travel on a scheduled flight with a commercial airline – when prices often dramatically increase outside of term-time.

Some savvy families share the cost of a private jet charter to make it more affordable or enable them all to travel in a larger, more comfortable aircraft.

Flying with children

To find out more about private jet charter for your family, please contact Matthew Savage on +44 (0)1293 551244 or email

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