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We’ve assembled a comprehensive list of arrival and departure information from airports around the world. Now, amongst a whole host of other possibilities, you can plan your journey, see whether your flights are operating to schedule, or check your terminal, from one single website directory.

IATA code Arrivals Departures
AAL Aalborg arrivals Aalborg departure
AAR Aarhus arrivals Aarhus departures
ABZ Aberdeen arrivals Aberdeen departures
AKL Auckland arrivals Auckland departures
AMS Amsterdam-Schiphol arrivals Amsterdam-Schiphol departures
ANR Antwerp arrivals Antwerp departures
AOI Ancona arrivals Ancona arrivals
ARN Stockholm-Arlanda arrivals Stockholm-Arlanda departures
ATH Athens arrivals Athens departures
ATL Atlanta arrivals Atlanta departures
AUH Abu Dhabi arrivals Abu Dhabi departures
AYT Antalya arrivals Antalya departures
BAH Bahrain arrivals Bahrain departures
BCN Barcelona arrivals Barcelona departures
BEG Belgrade arrivals Belgrade departures
BES Brest arrivals Brest departures
BFS Belfast arrivals Belfast departures
BGY Bergamo arrivals Bergamo departures
BHX Birmingham arrivals Birmingham departures
BLL Billund arrivals Billund departures
BLQ Bologna arrivals Bologna departures
BMW Stockholm Bromma arrivals Stockholm Bromma departures
BNE Brisbane arrivals Brisbane departures
BOD Bordeaux arrivals Bordeaux departures
BOS Boston arrivals Boston departures
BRE Bremen arrivals Bremen departures
BRI Bari arrivals Bari departures
BRS Bristol arrivals Bristol departures
BRU Brussels arrivals Brussels departures
BTS Bratislava arrivals Bratislava departures
BUD Budapest arrivals Budapest departures
BVA Beauvais arrivals Beauvais departures
CAI Cairo arrivals Cairo departures
CDG Paris – Charles De Gaulle arrivals Paris – Charles De Gaulle departures
CGN Cologne arrivals Cologna departures
CIA Rome Ciampino arrivals Rome Ciampino departures
CNS Cairns arrivals Cairns departures
CPT Cape town arrivals Cape town departures
CTA Catania arrivals Catania departures
CLW Cardiff arrivals Cardiff departures
DBV Dubrovnik arrivals Dubrovnik departures
DFW Dallas Fort-Worth arrivals Dallas Fort-Worth departures
DME Moscow Domodedovo arrivals Moscow Domodedovo departures
DRS Dresden arrivals Dresden departures
DTM Dortmund arrivals Dortmund departures
DUB Dublin arrivals Dublin departures
DUR Durban arrivals Durban departures
DUS Dusseldorf arrivals Dusseldorf departures
DXB Dubai arrivals Dubai departures
EDI Edinburgh arrivals Edinburgh departures
EMA East Midlands arrivals East Midlands departures
ERF Erfurt arrivals Erfurt departures
EXT Exeter arrivals Exeter departures
EZE Buenos Aires arrivals Buenos Aires departures
FAE Faroe Islands arrivals Faroe Islands departures
FAO Faro arrivals Faro departures
FCO Roma Fiumicino arrivals Roma Fiumicino departures
FDH Friedrichshafen arrivals Friedrichshafen departures
FLR Florence arrivals Florence departures
FNC Funchal-Madiera arrivals Funchal-Madiera departures
FRA Frankfurt-Main arrivals Frankfurt-Main departures
GCI Guernsey arrivals Guernsey departures
GLA Glasgow arrivals Glasgow departures
GOA Genova arrivals Genova departures
GRO Girona arrivals Girona departures
GRZ Graz arrivals Graz departures
GUY Humberside arrivals Humberside departures
GRZ Geneva arrivals Geneva departures
HAM Hamburg arrivals Hamburg departures
HEL Helsinki arrivals Helsinki departures
HKG Hong Kong arrivals Hong Kong departures
IAD Washington Dulles arrivals Washington Dulles departures
INN Innsbruck arrivals Innsbruck departures
INV Inverness arrivals Inverness departures
IOM Isle Of Man arrivals Isle Of Man departures
IST Istanbul arrivals Istanbul departures
JER Jersey arrivals Jersey departures
JFK New York arrivals New York departures
JNB Johannesburg arrivals Johannesburg departures
KEF Keflavik arrivals Keflavik departures
KID Kristianstad arrivals Kristianstad departures
KIK Osaka-Kansai arrivals Osaka-Kansai departures
KOI Kirkwall arrivals Kirkwall departures
KWI Kuwait arrivals Kuwait departures
LAS Las Vegas arrivals Las Vegas departures
LBA Leeds Bradford arrivals Leeds Bradford departures
LCY London City arrivals London City departures
LED Saint Petersburg – Pulkovo arrivals Saint Petersburg – Pulkovo departures
LGG Liege arrivals Liege departures
LGW London Gatwick arrivals London Gatwick departures
LHR London Heathrow arrivals London Heathrow departures
LIM Lima arrivals Lima departures
LIN Milan Linate arrivals Milan Linate departures
LIS Lisbon arrivals Lisbon departures
LJU Ljubljana arrivals Ljubljana departures
LNZ Linz arrivals Linz departures
LPL Liverpool arrivals Liverpool departures
LTN London Luton arrivals London Luton departures
LUX Luxembourg arrivals Luxembourg departures
LYS Lyon arrivals Lyon departures
MAD Madrid arrivals Madrid departures
MAN Manchester arrivals Manchester departures
MEL Melbourne arrivals Melbourne departures
MIA Miami arrivals Miami departures
MLA Malta arrivals Malta departures
MLH Basel-Mulhouse arrivals Base-Mulhouse departures
MME Teeside arrivals Teeside departures
MMX Malmo arrivals Malmo departures
MPL Montpellier arrivals Montpellier departures
MRS Marseille arrivals Marseille departures
MST Maastrich arrivals Maastrich departures
MUC Munich arrivals Munich departures
NAP Naples arrivals Naples departures
NCE Nice arrivals Nice departures
NCL Newcastle arrivals Newcastle departures
NRT Tokyo-Narita arrivals Tokyo-Narita departures
NTW Nates arrivals Nates departures
OPO Oporto arrivals Oporto departures
ORK Cork arrivals Cork departures
ORY Paris-Orly arrivals Paris-Orly departures
OSL Oslo Gardermoen arrivals Olso Gardermoen departures
OTP Bucharest arrivals Bucharest departures
PAD Paderborn arrivals Paderborn departures
PBI Palm Beach arrivals Palm Beach departures
PDL Ponta Delgada arrivals Ponta Delgada departures
PHL Philadelphia arrivals Philadelphia departures
PIK Prestwick arrivals Prestwick departures
PMO Palermo arrivals Palermo departures
PRG Prague arrivals Prague departures
PSA Pisa arrivals Pisa departures
PIX Riga arrivals Riga departures
RNS Rennes arrivals Rennes departures
RTM Rotterdam arrivals Rotterdam departures
SCL Santiago De Chile arrivals Santiago De Chile departures
SFO San Francisco arrivals San Francisco departures
SHJ Sharjah arrivals Sharjah departures
SIN Singapore-Changi arrivals Singapore-Changi departures
SKP Skopje arrivals Skopje departures
SHA Santa Maria arrivals Santa Maria departures
SNN Shannon arrivals Shannon departures
SOF Sofia arrivals Sofia departures
SPU Split arrivals Split departures
STN London Stansted arrivals London Stanstead departures
STR Stuttgart arrivals Stuttgart departures
SVO Moscow Sheremetyevo arrivals Moscow Sheremetyevo departures
SXB Strasbourg arrivals Strasbourg departures
SXF Berlin Schonefeld arrivals Berlin Schonefeld departures
SYY Stornoway arrivals Stornoway departures
SZG Salzburg arrivals Salzburg departures
TGD Montenegro arrivals Montenegro departures
TIA Tirana arrivals Tirana departures
TLS Toulouse arrivals Toulouse departures
TLV Tel Aviv arrivals Tel Aviv departures
TRN Turin arrivals Turin departures
TXL Berlin-Tegel arrivals Berlin-Tegel departures
VCE Venezia arrivals Venezia departures
VIE Vienna arrivals Vienna departures
VRN Verona arrivals Verona departures
VST Vasteras arrivals Vasteras departures
WAW Warsaw arrivals Warsaw departures
YEG Edmonton arrivals Edmonton departures
YHZ Halifax arrivals Halifax departures
YUL Montreal-Trudeau arrivals Montreal-Trudeau departures
YVR Vancouver arrivals Vancouver departures
YYC Calgary arrivals Calgary departures
YYZ Toronto arrivals Toronto departures
ZAG Zagreb arrivals Zagreb departures
ZRH Zurich arrivals Zurich departures