Empty Legs

What is an empty leg?

Those in the know use ’empty legs’ to reduce the cost of regular private jet charter. If you have a bit of flexibility in your schedule then choosing an empty leg could well be for you.

Put simply, they are empty flights – due to operate without any passengers, one way, as the aircraft and crew need to reposition back to base or elsewhere for the next flight.

It makes good business sense to have someone on-board sharing some of the cost of the flight. These empty sectors are offered at a reduced price; a win-win situation and the perfect solution to that last minute business flight or personal trip.

Charter a private jet empty leg through us

You’ll receive the same standard and benefits of private jet travel, both on the ground and in the air, with the added advantage of a more cost effective way to travel.

Please contact our dedicated charter specialists 24/7 with your empty leg request.

22 Sept     London – Vienna               Challenger 350    £POA
23 Sept     Dublin – Verona                Challenger 350    £9,000
24 Sept     Nice – Guernsey                Citation CJ2         £3,700
25 Sept     Amsterdam – Bristol        Citation CJ2         £2,500
26 Sept     Jersey – Malaga                 Citation CJ2          £3,700
27 Sept     London – Brescia              Learjet 75              £7,500