The clock is ticking.. you know who to call

When the clock is ticking – you know who to call

We always pride ourselves on the speed of our response in time critical circumstances, as well as the cost-effectiveness of our service.  That was put to the test last week when our Operations Team received a call from one of our European Airline clients, who needed to urgently move a spare part from the South of England to Belgium due to one of their aircraft being ‘AOG’.

Our client needed the quickest possible solution – within ten minutes of the call we had identified the perfect aircraft located nearby and a very cost-effective price for this type of request. The client confirmed and the aircraft was airborne from its home base just 40 minutes later. Following the briefest of stops to collect the spare part and an engineer, the aircraft was on its way to rendezvous with our client’s aircraft in Brussels.

The spare part and engineer arrived alongside the unserviceable Airbus just over 2 hours after the initial call to our Operations Team – which allowed the repair to be quickly carried out and for the airliner to depart with its passengers, avoiding a costly and inconvenient delay.

Following the successful aircraft charter, a Senior Director of our client airline gave us the following feedback “Sometimes things happen very fast – we chartered a small aircraft through you yesterday and our people were impressed with the speed of reaction and ease of communication.”

But it’s not just aircraft parts that we move. We specialise in the movement of spare parts and tools for the automotive industry, urgent medical flights and of course private jet charters for business executives and entertainment stars who have last-minute requirements.

So the next time you need to move something, or someone, in a hurry – you know how to call!