VIP Christmas Charter Flights

Where are you partying this year?

Get the party started with a dedicated aircraft charter flight for your team.

We fly corporate groups and top level sports clubs to their end of year celebrations on dedicated charter flights – often bringing together teams from all over the world to party together in style.

On your own private aircraft you can get the party started (and the champagne flowing) from the moment you board, ensuring your group has the best possible experience before they’ve even reached their destination.

Our most popular December destinations this year include Amsterdam (pictured) and Dublin – both less than 2 hours flight time from London. For destinations closer to home, why not consider a VIP helicopter charter?

There are many benefits to travelling on your own aircraft, the foremost being able to have complete control of your flights times and itinerary. And when it comes to group travel, the convenience of departing from your nearest and most convenient airport, from a VIP private terminal, is unbeatable.

We work with specialist event companies, corporate event co-ordinators and sports club secretaries to co-ordinate charter flights all over Europe and have a wide choice of aircraft available for group travel; from a turboprop aircraft like a Fokker 50 to a regional jet like the Embraer 135 or 145. And for those seeking the ultimate way to travel, we’ve VIP configured airliners that will seat up to 50 passengers in complete comfort.

Contact us to check aircraft availability for December and a no-obligation quote.