May the Sports be with you!

May the Sports be with you!

May 2012 has been a hectic month for Sports charters at Smart Aviation.

The Europa League final in Bucharest, the Champions League Final in Munich and the Heineken Rugby cup final in London took place in the space of eight days in May, and Smart were delighted to be arranging aircraft charters for numerous Smart clients for all three events.

The logistics of arranging and monitoring so many flights in such a short space of time cannot be under estimated, but weeks of careful planning ensured everything went smoothly, and thousands of travelling supporters took to the skies on board aircraft chartered by Smart Aviation.

During the eight day period there were 36 Smart departures and we carried just under 7500 sector passengers.

The Smart Sports team are already in training for the next event, Euro2012 which kicks off on the 8th June, and which promises to be another event to remember for Smart Aviation and it’s busy Sports charter department.