Sporting Legend knows how to stay Smart

Sporting Legend knows how to stay Smart

When one of Great Britain’s most famous sporting heroes found himself needing to be in two ends of the country on the same day, he made the Smart choice.

A morning appointment in the North East was closely followed by a requirement to be in the South of England in the afternoon for a major sporting fixture, normally this would present a logistical headache, but it was all in a day’s work for Smart.

We responded to the call from his office, and within an hour, a Beech King Air 200 was sourced, a very cost effective price was agreed and the 7 seater turboprop aircraft placed on standby for our legend.

The formalities were quickly completed and the flight took place without a hitch, leaving our star able to relax in the knowledge that there is a hardworking team available round the clock to save life’s most precious commodity – time.

You dont have to be a sporting hero to discover the benefits of Private Aviation. If your schedule demands you need to be in more than one place, stay Smart and call us 24/7.