Why we’re Smarter than an app

Why we’re Smarter than an app

Private jet charter apps have received a lot of media coverage lately, the most recent one being a bit like ‘Uber for Jets’, allowing you to hail a jet like a cab. We welcome this development in technology as it takes private jet charter to a new audience and highlights the benefits of flying on your own aircraft. There’s certainly a place for it and we’ve no doubt that for some users it will bring great convenience.

But we’re proud to be different; our years in the aviation industry have taught us that our clients value personal service, reliability and discretion.

Our experienced team are here 24-7 and don’t rely on wifi or 3G to get you flying. We never need bug fixes or updates (unless we run out of coffee). Our private jet charter price will be what you pay with no surprises or membership fees. And we don’t just check a database but go out to our network of trusted operators in all corners of the world, meaning we can truly look at all the best options for you.

Getting to know our clients helps us develop a highly personalised service delivered by aviation industry professionals – that could be a last-minute private jet charter request via WhatsApp or creating a complex program of hundreds of flights for a tour operator.

So there you are. We’re Smarter than an app because we know that 100 combined years of aircraft charter experience can’t be programmed into 42MB of data.

Smarter than an app