A Year of Smart Sports Charter

A Year of Smart Sports – facts and figures

With the final whistle at the Champions League final in Lisbon on 24 May, we decided to reflect on the past year of Sports Charters, an incredible 12 months of arranging flights for Teams, National Associations and Passionate fans from across the Globe.

Smart have rightly earned a reputation as a cost-effective provider of quality aircraft charters for teams from all corners of the globe.  In the last twelve months we have arranged flights for some of the highest profile, and most well-known sporting names on the planet.

Our clients have come to know, that when you choose Smart, you get the best possible solution, at the best possible price, but with the maximum levels of Customer Service and care.  With one dedicated account manager to look after every aspect of your requirement, and an operations team with years of expertise to oversee your flight 24 hours a day, we are well placed to provide our sporting clients with the best possible service.

So what of those facts and figures?

We decided to delve a little deeper into our flights that have taken place over the last 12 months, and look at some of the more interesting facts and figures to come out of our sporting year.

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