Smart Aviation and Jet2 at 30,000 feet

Smart Aviation and Jet2 at 30,000 feet

Smart Aviation are extremely proud to announce their involvement in the filming of Channel 4’s latest Derren Brown television programme – ‘hero at 30,000 feet’, screened in the UK on 8th September 2010.

Smart worked with the consultants to the production company, JustPlaneCrazy to source the Jet2 aircraft used during the programme and worked closely with the production company and airline in order to ensure the rather extraordinary charter was a great success.

For the unique flight, the aim was to create a realistic cabin environment and to simulate certain on board scenarios, which meant preparing the aircraft for filming using several secret cameras installed within the interior and on the crew. Actors played the part of the passengers to complete the ‘authentic’ airline experience.

As the filming required the aircraft to take off, cruise and then land at a chosen alternate airport, Smart made numerous calls to the press offices of both airports involved in order to facilitate the landing, taxi and ground shots requested by the film crew. Smart’s role, liaising between the consultants JustPlaneCrazy, Jet2 crew and ground staff, as well as the various other parties involved including the two Airports that had agreed to take part in the production, helped to maintain a high degree of safety throughout but also guaranteed that everyone was happy with the final cut.

Smart’s Matthew Savage who attended the filming and was an acting passenger on the flight commented on the day; “It was a totally memorable and unique experience. I cannot commend the Jet2 crew enough for their cooperation (and acting skills!). It was a very long and demanding day coordinating everything but it was extremely rewarding to say that Smart Aviation played an integral part in the creation of the programme”.

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