ACMI demand soars in June

ACMI demand soars in June 2017

With the summer season in full swing and airline capacity stretched, the demand for aircraft on adhoc short-term ACMI has soared throughout June.

With the market so buoyant, we’ve successfully secured more than 200 hours of short term ACMI over the first two weeks of June and our dedicated ACMI desk has been working round the clock to source aircraft availability. On the ground, this translates to thousands of passengers being saved from major disruption and reaching their destinations without significant delay.

Clive Head, senior broker elaborates, ‘we usually see the market continue to get busier as we head into the peak summer period, as airline fleets are being stretched to maximum capacity. As a team, we pro-actively monitor the market, sourcing and securing the best possible options for our clients. We work with credible carriers that have an established track record to ensure reliability and flexibility’.

In June, we have assisted operators from across Europe and supplied commercial aircraft of all sizes to operate routes within North Africa, Central and Southern Europe.

‘There have been demanding requests, but our experience and expertise allows us to identify solutions in a quick and cost effective manner’ says Clive. ‘The team here are all experienced in airline operations and dispatch so we understand just how busy operations can be. When a flight programme is full and an aircraft is AOG, they need swift and concise information – so we make it a priority to respond to every request promptly.’

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To find out more about short term ACMI, please contact Clive Head on +44 (0)1293 551244 or email