Bespoke Event Travel

Corporate events, off-site product launches and VIP hospitality.

We can make the journey just that little bit more memorable.

Event travel doesn’t have to be just a case of getting from A to B. With our expertise, we can turn that time in the air into an opportunity to promote your product, brand or event message.

Whether it’s a group of journalists attending the launch of a new product or a hospitality trip for a VIP client, we can help make their experience even better with a bespoke private jet charter. We’ll arrange private flights and bring together all the small details that make a difference, tailored to your exact requirements, to exceed your clients’ expectations.

Benefits of private jet charter

Flexible departure times to suit your schedule and more variety with departure/arrival locations.

You’re not limited to the major airports meaning you can arrive closer to your final destination, so shorter transfer times.

We have access to hundreds of aircraft type so we can find exactly the right fit for you and your budget.

Experience exclusivity with a private terminal and spend less going through security.

Arrive just 15 minutes before your flight departs.

Bespoke options

On the aircraft you’ll have a captive audience; there’s no better place to market your product or services and get the message across with. Our bespoke service is the perfect way to add those little extra touches and make the flight as unique as your passengers.

We recognise how crucial this branding opportunity is for our clients. Our dedicated team is responsible for organising all the intricate details that our clients require from their charter. So whatever you need from your flight, we can make it happen – from VIP check-in and bespoke menus to branded merchandise and personalised aircraft exteriors.

  • Branded, VIP check in a private terminal
  • Exterior aircraft branding so everyone can watch your brand fly high.
  • On–board branding using headrest covers, bespoke menus, confectionary for example.

So whether it’s a flight for 1 VIP or a party of 35 or more, we can make sure your corporate event is remembered for all the right reasons.

Contact us about your next aircraft charter today.

a scallops and prawns  OXF VIP lounge