Business travel hotspots for 2016

Business travel hotspots for 2016

Despite global airfares levelling due to lower fuel prices, the Global Business Travel Assosciation ( GBTA) has projected 6 hotspots set to buck that trend.

The GBTA Price Outlook report, in conjunction with Carlson WagonLit Travel has accumulated in depth data for global, regional and country by country air travel price projections and highlighted 6 areas where the demand for business travel will increase by 2.7 – 3 % in 2016.

Joseph Bates the GBTA Foundation VP of Research says “the top line pricing outlook for air (travel) in 2016 is surprisingly stable. But when you dig deeper the data reaveals global hotspots where demand is driving air travel price increases. For 2016 India, China, Colombia, Mexico, Singapore and Australia are projected to top the list.”

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