Get to know: Matt Feldon

Get to know: Matt Feldon

Our private jet charter broker to the stars, Matt Feldon, talks new tech v old fashioned chat.

“I’ve always been a people person. It’s a cliché, I know, but I genuinely enjoy meeting and building up a rapport with someone – and I’m lucky that my job allows me to do this on a global scale every day.

It’s apt that I started my career in the mobile communications industry with EE and Phones4u, as so much of what I do now is about communication. This was back when not everyone had a smart phone; nowadays, mine is always with me as I can take jet charter requests from clients 24/7 – they’re often last minute and I need to work quickly to find the perfect aircraft. We have access to jets across the world and use a mobile app to generate a quote for clients within minutes.

Charter requests can come in via phone, email, text, webchat or social media and it’s important to gather all the detail first time. It’s good to talk – and that I can do (just ask my colleagues) – but in my role it’s just as important to listen. The small details often make all the difference. I use WhatsApp as a quick and discreet way of communicating with clients who don’t always have the time to take a call or pick up an email and likewise it’s a smart way for me to send photos or video of aircraft easily. I’m on Twitter (@mattfeldon) and LinkedIn daily to keep up-to-date on the latest news in the industry and identify opportunities for our clients.

All that tech makes it easier to keep in touch on an everyday basis, but I find nothing beats a face to face meeting – it’s even more invaluable when you need to gain a client’s trust. It’s a big ask to be trusted to get a VIP to a critical event or meeting – if I’ve built that rapport by meeting them in person, we both understand each other better. And that makes everyone’s life easier.

I try to get to as many industry networking events as possible – our base at London Gatwick makes it easy to get to most by plane or train. A highlight of my summer is jetting out to see clients across Europe, including a number of music industry clients in the Balearics and beyond.”

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