Music industry charter

Music industry charter

Busy time right now for the music side of Smart Aviation; DJ tours, festivals, concerts; you name it, everyone in the world of music and entertainment needs to get somewhere fast.

I’ve helped a multitude of musicians, DJs and musicians get to their gigs and home again over the last few years so I know what’s needed to make their flights go without a hitch.

How does it work?  A number of ways. Here’s one.

A tour manager calls, gives me the itinerary along with any wants and needs. I do the rest; source the best rates and aircraft from anywhere in the world to find just the right private jet that works for them.

I totally understand the needs of someone on a frantic tour schedule; short time frames, performing multiple shows in a day (sometimes 2-3 in just one day), last minute changes, extra passengers, stickers/decals on the side of aircraft, special catering requests etc.


Whatever is needed – be it inflight wifi, lights that change colour using an ipad or pink champagne, I’ll make sure my clients get what they need. I love a challenge!

So if you’re planning a tour, doing the rounds of festivals, or a playing a gig in the middle of a field  I can get you there when you want, how you want. I can make it happen. Call me.  +44 1293 551244

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