Oxford Airport by Private Jet

Oxford Airport by Private Jet

Easy access to the Thames Valley

Ideally located just an hour by road from both London and Birmingham and with easy access to the Thames Valley, London Oxford Airport is the only commercial airport between London Heathrow Airport (LHR) and Birmingham (BHX) and provides a simple and swift alternative for the Capital.

It’s becoming an increasingly popular choice for our private jet charter clients.

The airport’s business aviation terminal is elegant, discreet and uncluttered. It provides the the ideal environment for executive and VIP travel, with VIP and VVIP lounges, shower facilities and meeting rooms available. With car to aircraft tarmac transfers, it’s possible to be on your way within minutes.

London Oxford Airport is open daily from 06:00 to 22:30 and is co-owned and operated with London Heliport, providing a direct and convenient way into the heart of the City of London via a 20 minute helicopter shuttle.

The airport’s location in the heart of England means that it’s the perfect choice for our automotive and technology clients who are based nearby. In fact, we’ve chartered flights for as many spare parts as we have people to this part of the UK!

For more information on private jet charter flights departing from or arriving into London Oxford Airport, please contact us.


OXF VIP lounge