An interview with our Sales Director

An interview with our Sales Director

An insight into the role of our Sales Director

What does your role involve?

It’s a cliché that each day is different but in aviation, as a 24 hour business, it’s still true. On the way into work I’m catching up on charter enquiries that have come into our 24 hour operations team overnight, as well as checking on the progress of any flights which may be departing for our clients early in the morning. Once I’ve reviewed plans for the day with the team, I will be dealing with enquiries from clients, finding private jets and helicopters worldwide for their requirements, which are usually last-minute and can also involve complex itineraries.

It’s important to have a deep understanding of the complex nature of aircraft operations, as well as being able to find the perfect aircraft for the client. This involves working closely with aircraft operators, discussing requirements in-depth and understanding your market.

I also manage our Sales and Marketing function, so I could spend the rest of the day calling prospective clients, networking or engaging with potential clients across all platforms including social media.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Showing clients how they can save money and more importantly, time, by travelling privately, is a real privilege. We will often will oversee a flight departure and watching a new client depart on time, on their private aircraft that you have arranged is always satisfying, as is receiving positive feedback at the end of each flight.

I’ve been passionate about aviation since school and still love having the ability to send jet aircraft off across the globe on behalf of our clients.

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matthew savage

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Matthew Savage joined us in 2010 as Sales Director. He manages the aircraft charter team and oversees sales and marketing. His career in aviation spans 25 years and includes commercial roles at major airlines and a large charter broker.