Helicopter dash to beat the Transfer Window

The traditional end of the Transfer Window saw the Smart team involved in a last minute dash to arrange a helicopter charter for a Premiership player on the move.

The last minute scramble to beat the deadline always means that Transfer Window night is a busy one for the Smart team, and this year was no exception.

Our client needed to travel across the country to complete his transfer formalities.

As it became clear that the player needed to travel a considerable distance to complete the formalities and sign the deal before the 11PM deadline, it became clear that a Helicopter was the only viable solution.

Smart’s Sales Director Matthew Savage commented “Helicopters provide the client with the ability to land close to their destination our extensive database of suitably qualified operators allows us to arrange such last minute trips with the minimum of fuss, and can genuinely save our clients considerable time, especially important when players and their agents need to travel long distances to sign deals for their new clubs”.

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