ACMI – Short Term and Long Term Lease

What makes us so good?

Right people, right price, right time.

24th October 2016

Our ACMI team are renowned industry experts with access to real time aircraft availability to make sure they are able to provide the right solution, at the right price and at the right time.

Smart Aviation was originally built on a foundation of long and short term lease solutions for major airlines, for which we’ve achieved an enviable reputation; a reputation which continues today in our 12th year of operation.

Short term aircraft lease for those unexpected situations or last minute changes; whether it’s as a result of an ash cloud, crew shortage or an industry strike we’ve long been the ‘go to’ company for operators needing a commercial aircraft at short notice.

Long term aircraft lease covering amongst other things; new routes, airline start ups and extra capacity for global seasonal rotations, we have found a solution for all.

Airbus A320 700

With 14 years experience, our ACMI Duty Manager, Gary Micklewhite has his finger on the ACMI pulse. His previous roles in flight and ground operations with a major airline gives him the perfect insight in to what our ACMI clients need. Gary has been that airline representative needing to fulfil a tour operator’s schedule or find a way home for 400 passengers stranded as a result of strike action.

“Being able to see things from both sides is a great benefit. I know what the customer wants and needs; I’ve been that customer. And as an ACMI expert I also know how to find those things for them.

I love the buzz of last minute, reactive ACMI but it’s equally rewarding having the time to plan a long term ACMI contract with more detail.

Over the years I’ve built up a great relationship with a huge number of airlines around the world, which helps in the negotiation of a contract. It means I have a huge amount of resources available to me at any one time. Not only that but it’s always better to speak with someone you know and trust. For any new clients I make sure that I get to know them so that they receive the same great personal service as someone I’ve worked with before.”

gary micklewhite

If you have a long term leasing project or short term ACMI requirement, contact Gary and see what makes us so good.

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