Challenge for the ACMI Team

Challenge for the ACMI team!

Smart Aviation’s ACMI team had an interesting project on behalf of a Boeing 737 operator this week, who had an AOG issue in Greece, where their aircraft required a FMC-CDU replacement.

Initially arriving as an ACMI request, after consultation with the operator we were advised that the spare was held at a crew base in Central Europe.  With a fresh crew available and a spare part released from stores, the ACMI team were able to quickly source an alternative solution.  Within 2.5 hours of the initial call Smart Aviation had an 8 seat Citation 560XL available on station ready to deliver the replacement crew, engineer and spare part to the stranded aircraft, representing a considerable cost saving against an ACMI subcharter and the associated direct operating costs, all within a similar timeframe.

Just another day at the office for the Smart ACMI team!  Creating innovative, time saving, cost efficient solutions for our clients, 24 hours a day.