Lourdes Pilgrimage Flights

Lourdes Pilgrimage Flights

In February 2016, the first of a program over 120 charter flights to the French city of Lourdes took off – marking our eleventh year of providing pilgrimage flights.

The flights, the first of which departed from Dublin, will transport pilgrims from dioceses across the UK and Ireland destined to celebrate the anniversary of the apparition of the Virgin Mary.

The charters are operated by our longstanding partner Alba Star, Europe’s top carrier to the city, with a Boeing 737-400.

Mark Hawkins, Managing Director at Smart Aviation, attributed the long term success of the charter program to “the strength of our relationship with the operator and the team’s specialist experience in meeting the needs of the passengers – who often require accessibility arrangements and medical equipment on board.”

Mark added that he was “immensely pleased to be providing an eleventh year of pilgrimage charters with an enhanced program for 2016, which I can attribute to the flexibility and dedication to quality of everyone involved.”