Adding Value to your Brand

Travelling to an event can be sometimes be seen simply as a means of getting from a to b, before the start of the event at your chosen destination.

However, smarter companies are realising how simple it can be to enforce your message to your audience and promote your product or brand, on your journey to and from the event, not just while you are there.

Recently Smart arranged a large flying programme on behalf of a Major European motor manufacturer, and in the current climate, where budgets are under pressure, the benefits of enhancing your flight, to reinforce the branding were key to the success of the event.

Charlotte Sobol, Head of our specialist SmartPlus department, worked closely with the Airline, in this case Jet2.Com to provide bespoke arrangements for our Client.

We arranged personalised headrest covers for the aircraft, specially branded menu cards, and a personalised check in desk, clearly displaying the Client’s branding, which created a real buzz around the event before the aircraft had even left the ground.

Charlotte commented: “There are numerous choices for clients wishing to enhance their flights, and we work tirelessly to ensure we help create very special events. More and more of Smart Aviation’s Conference and Event clients are realising the potential of value-add items on their flights”.