A flying start for new recruits

Congratulations to our new team members on first bookings

Smart Aviation have always recognised that our strength is in having a diverse team with a variety of skills.  Within the office we have over 100 years of aviation experience, but we are always keen to recruit individuals who will supplement that aviation knowledge with a mix of experience from outside the industry.  Recently we recruited two new team members, Dan and Richard and they have embarked on a rigorous training programme,  mentored by the senior members of the team.

Richard receives his champagne from Mark Hawkins, Smart MD

Dan joined us from the automotive industry, where he was responsible for sales for a leading car brand, and Richard joined us fresh from University having achieved a degree in Economics and Politics.  We are delighted that this week Dan joined Richard in celebrating his first charter booking, which is a remarkable feat for both of them in the short space of time they have been with us.

Matthew Savage congratulates Dan on his first booking

As we are unable to arrange a water cannon salute in the office,  in true Smart tradition, both Richard and Dan received a bottle of Champagne and our warmest congratulations and good luck in their future aviation careers.