A big round of applause please

A big round of applause please

It’s our 10th year in operation, which is no mean task in the highly competitive marketplace of aircraft charter companies.

So apart from a cracking party later in the year, how to mark the occasion?  A new look website of course. Something that shows off the service, ethics and values that has kept us top of our game.

But what look to go for; Quirky? App – laden? ‘Shout in your face’ gimmicks?  Others have taken this approach but it’s not really ‘us’.

After much discussion over coffee with our friends at FrogBox Marketing and combining our ideas, we cracked it.

Something that does exactly what it says on the tin. Just like us.

Easy to understand, top notch service and information, with just enough personality to make it human.  Just like us.

We are not into gimmicks, we rely on our modern thinking and traditional values; the customer comes first.

Those who know Smart Aviation know we are the best at what we do. Those who don’t will get the idea when they browse the new look www.smart-aviation.co.uk